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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. This book shows cat owners how to nurture their cat both in body and mind and how to teach them a variety of different tricks and exercises using clicker training in a cat-friendly way. Great fun for owner and cat, this guide walks owners through planning and preparing training; explains the three paths to the perfect trick: shaping, luring, and capturing; and demonstrates how to smooth the path to the first tricks. Get A Copy.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Trick Training for Cats , please sign up. Keep it simple in the beginning. Teaching your cat to associate reward with completing a trick is really a trick in itself.

If there is a trick your cat already does, for instance like playing catch, reward the cat each time it does a trick so for the next training session they are familiar with the routine. Cats get distracted easily. Their hunting nature keeps them alert for all sorts of sounds and movement.

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To effectively train your cat, find a space that is both quiet and without distractions. Rooms with little sound, people, and any type of movement help keep your cat focused and at ease while training.

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While treats are a good way to motivate your pet to learn a new trick, using sound is an alternative way to condition your cat. Clickers can help your cat associate sound with performing a trick. Each time your cat correctly performs the trick, use the clicker as a sign of a job well done. They are more effective taking cues from sounds using a clicker or treats. In order for them to associate the word with the trick, train them first to do the trick with treats or sounds and then add the word in once they have mastered it.

Cats can learn to do multiple tricks, but when training only teach one trick at a time. Keep it basic and simple so you and your cat can have a successful session. A sure way to get your cat to not master a trick is to punish it for not doing it. Never punish your cat.

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Cats get disinterested easily and also very stressed. Let them have their space and be patient. Try again at a later time when your cat seems more attentive.

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Time is of the essence with cats. Because they can lose interest pretty quickly, treats are a way to keep their attention and the momentum of the training session going. Reward your cat immediately after they perform the trick. This has to happen within seconds so the cat knows that their good performance is associated with the treat being given. The second your cat moves on to doing something else not related to the trick, it will be too late. Training at the right time is also beneficial to a successful training session. Training right before meal time may make your cat more motivated by food because they are hungry.

This makes them willing to try harder to get that treat they are craving. If you wait until after they are full from their meal they may seem disinterested and just want to take a nap. Reduce the amount of treats you give them to reduce their calorie intake. Cats can relate cuddles and head massages to positive reinforcement too and they will realize that soon they are rewarded eventually for their good behavior. Your cat may become a beggar and want treats just for being cute. Keep the treats just for training so the cat knows that treat time is related to trick time.

The rule of rewards whether it be treats, sounds, or cuddles is to only reward when the cat displays good behavior or has successfully completed the trick. This works for other types of training too like giving the cat a treat when they use their scratching post instead of the sofa. Do not reward the cat if it does something unfavorable just to get them to stop doing it, i. Your tone is everything.

During training, using more sugar than spice will get you further in along in your session. Use a loving tone in your voice while training instead of a disciplinary one. This goes hand in hand with the reward they will get once they show good behavior. Next is Sparkey.

Tips & Tricks : How To Train a Siamese Cat

He found our eldest son at work a gas station when he was a kitten. It was a cold, wet October night in Myusha found us in When we took him in to get vetted, it was discovered he had a microchip that whoever abandoned him never registered. The brother is Little Bear, and the sister is Puffi. She could help train the kitties to keep their minds and lives enriched and give them skills to find homes! Thank you! Her skills include scratching records, opening drawers and devouring tuna.

You can see her furry little face doing some clever things for tuna here! She tries to go play, but ends up cowering low and running back and forth. I know this stresses her. Tibby is smart and very mild tempered. I think she would catch on quickly to clicker training. Ever wanted to train your cat or teach her some cool tricks? Cat Training FUNdamentals includes: Simple and effective clicker training lessons to teach 8 fun behaviors. An interactive classroom: View other participants training videos for learning and inspurration. Coaching from the cat teacher: Ask questions, post videos and get feedback on your training.

Community-based platform: Introduce yourself and connect with other cat school students. Lifetime Access. A certificate of completion. Related Posts.

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