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  6. Dayton’s toy-making past lovingly captured.

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Our members are required to apply appropriate ethical standards in the factories used for the manufacture of toys. Trade As part of BTHA membership, we strive to keep members informed with the most up to date advice and guidance on industry related issues.

It is awarded to individuals who have made a truly outstanding and significant contribution to the toy industry. About Us The BTHA exists to promote best practice and excellence in all aspects of product design, toy safety, ethical manufacturing, environmental issues and responsible marketing and by so doing protect and promote the interests of our members. Larian has some leverage in a toy war with a retailer. Michael Rinzler, founding partner and co-president of Pennsylvania-based Wicked Cool Toys, said he's cautiously optimistic that the latest news from Toys R Us could lead to more toy stores.

The lenders group declined a request to speak with a company representative who could talk about the plans for the new venture. Isaac Larian. So why is it picking fights?


In one mall last month, a mini-skirted college girl squealed as she wrote and sent off her first ever e-mail message. A young couple looked with wonder at a live-action real-time New York scene being downloaded from the Internet. Beside them, a young salaryman tirelessly explored sites on the World Wide Web one after another. Next to him, a bunch of teenagers whooped and stomped as they played a car racing game.

Drawn to the excitement, a steady stream of shoppers picked up a little crescent-shaped controller and joined the fun.

The Toymakers: The Making of An Anerican Icon

A typical computer promotion? Yes -- and no. Like a computer, the device on display, called Pippin Atmark, can access the Internet, play video games and run CD-ROM software such as a multimedia encyclopedia.

But it does not come with a monitor. Instead, the product developed by America's Apple Computer links to a television screen. Initial reaction has been mixed. Plans for other markets, including Asia, have yet to be announced. Some industry watchers share the sentiment.

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And the price is not too attractive. I expect sales in Japan to reach half their estimate. For him, it's just another product that Bandai must offer its target market. Yamashina says most of the or so CD-ROM titles Bandai hopes to release this year will be teaching and learning programs.

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But make no mistake. Bandai will use its accumulated 46 years of experience as a toymaker -- and its war chest -- to push Pippin.

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  • Who's going to suffer most from Toys R Us exit? Smaller toymakers.
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  • Bandai is a master marketer, best known for transforming cartoon super heroes and villains into products every child thinks he must have. The toymaker boasts rights to a gallery of characters that include Ultraman and Godzilla -- and 60 or so new ones it culls from Japanese manga comics every year.

    watch Yamashina has already scored in the U. By , he says, now fifth-ranked Bandai will become the world's third-biggest toymaker, overtaking America's Mattel and Hasbro. If that comes to pass, it will be a personal triumph for Yamashina.