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The main building and 6 adjacent guest chalets impress with stunning architecture and interior design.

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An eclectic blend of earth colors and grey, balanced with simple ornaments and an over-all cool, earthly vibe, stimulating calmness and comfort within stylish elegance. Care about African Wildlife?

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Help Save Just One Rhino. The conservation projects were already impressive, but having a superb sense of style to go with was a rare combination. Just so you know, she runs the place and came to make sure I appreciated my surroundings and knew how all the appliances worked….

Lion Symbolism

Wildlife is precious everywhere. Read about Wildlife Conservation in India. In fact, almost all the employees at the lodge were San, including the Safari guides. There is also a school for San children — supported by the Jolie-Pitt Foundation — and scholarship programs for older children.

Sir David Attenborough introduces Lion’s Share, an initiative to support animal welfare

Needless to say, the San love Marlice and Rudie and are deeply grateful for all they have done. My safari guide shared with me the next day how different the future looks for his children now, compared to his when he was their age. They now have options and can build a better future for themselves. He himself started as a guard at the gate and worked his way up to Safari guide — and he was an excellent one!

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More on that later…. My encounter with the San Bushmen was delightful and fascinating. My guide served as translator and the communication was rather amusing — certainly for them…;- — as I tried my best to pronounce their language with all the extra sounds. Next, we were taken on a bush walk and the San explained the different plants and how they use them in their daily life tasting included. The most important plant was the water root which they dig out of the ground and then eat for hydration.

It was rather tedious for them, because the earth around Windhoek is much rockier and the plants much smaller, but in the Kalahari they are huge and easy to dig out and an important ingredient in desert survival. I was also shown how to make fire — really fun!

Black Bears and Mountain Lions

I enjoyed a delicious meal of African specialties and then retired to my beautiful chalet to enjoy an evening on the porch. This is, by the way, the shower……in the middle of the room…. The next day was devoted to wildlife activity and I strongly recommend that you spend at least two days at this wonderful place, more if you can. Convincing Farmers to capture big cats rather than kill is saving lives. Whenever possible, they are relocated to areas where they are less of a threat to farm animals and released back into the wild.

Cheetahs on the other hand are highly sensitive and need up to 2 months to recover from the transport alone. Even after that, not all of them can be released, esp. It is a vast sanctuary, providing huge areas for animals to roam in freely and live as naturally as possible.

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Carnivores have their own enclosures, a minimum of 1 ha 2. Aside from Cheetahs and leopards, there are currently 3 lions at the sanctuary, as well as characals, wild dogs and baboons. The lions were the biggest I have ever seen. Kalahari lions are much bigger than most other breeds as I learned here.

Outside the enclosures, giraffes, zebras, springbok and many other animals aside from Fudge… are roaming the property freely. It really feels like living in the African bush. All cats need love. To be clear, I abhor any form of petting zoo or abuse of animals in any way, shape or form and was reluctant to participate at first. However, I learned that Cheetahs — unlike leopards, tigers or lions — can become completely tame, especially when raised as cubs. They are very similar to house cats in fact, and even purr.

Kiki happens to like people and enjoys morning walks. Kiki walks freely in the bush, without a leash, wherever she wants to go. If she happens to come up to you, you can both enjoy a cuddle — on her terms though — and that was very important to me. During our hour-long walk, Kiki was purring the entire time. I know….

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As the name would suggest, you drive on a Safari vehicle to the different carnivore enclosures and have a chance to watch them as they are getting fed. The tour includes leopards very difficult to see in the wild :.

The enclosures are so huge that visitors would rarely get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures were it not for the feeding, and so it was a smart choice and did not involve unnatural coaxing as I have seen in other parks. I enjoyed the story It takes place at Christmas time which is just a short time after the previous books Logan is introduced view spoiler but he doesn t become romantically involved with any of the 3 main characters hide spoiler.

Series: Leashed

This one picked up where the last one left off, after having been almost killed, again With all her power, two leashed shifters and some startling things happening all in 2 months she had came to view of a lot of people And they all expect her to become grand dame, the only thing is she doesn t want the job She grew up watching her mother do it, and it was enough for her to know she didn t want to do it. Terrance B Sharpe does though, at first Meg s all for it, until she leans some very inter This one picked up where the last one left off, after having been almost killed, again With al This book takes place maybe 2 weeks after book 2 Just to warn you, the cover is a bit misleading Meg is trying to fix what Roland did to the Earth magic and figure out how Michael really feels about her Is it all ambition or is there a little love Rudy is just being his wonderful self Now that there is a grand dame opening, Meg s trying to stay about of all the politics with as little damage to herself, which isn t very easy This is a really good series view spoiler I m not sure about This book takes place maybe 2 weeks after book 2 Just to warn you, the cover is a bit misleading Meg is trying to fix what Roland did to the Earth magic and figure out how Michael really feels about her Is Completely loving reading the evolving story of our heroic triangle menage Given how much I love Meg, Michael and Rudy and that the series have had real stories in their books rather than just backgrounds for wild erotic situations I was a bit worried by the blurb suggesting another male entering the fold.

But luckily the story still was focused around our famous three and thankfully kep Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content yuri.