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A good friend of mine and fellow guide told a young me that a captain takes you out fishing for a day, while a guide teaches you fishing for a day. I strive every day to be the best guide I can.

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I'm currently double majoring in biomedical engineering and biochemistry in the UMass Amherst honors college, with an eye toward a career in research. We spent our first four seasons in West Glacier, Montana guiding the Flathead Rivers north, south, middle forks. While chasing the west slope cutthroat trout that live in the glacial waters of the Flathead, we had the opportunity to run day wilderness fishing trips in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area south of Glacier Park. Our stint out west led to a chance of a lifetime to guide in La Junta, Chile.

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We guided the many great rivers and lakes of the northern Patagonia region. Although we had great experiences in other parts of the world, our loyalty remains here in Western Massachusetts, where we have guided year-round since Whether you're a veteran of many tight-lined battles or completely new to fly-fishing, let us show you the rivers we have gown to love from the comfort of our Aire fishing rafts!

Rob Lewis of Robs Realistics Rob Lewis is a professional fly tier, river guide, lecturer and fly tying instructor. He is one of the foremost fly pattern designers in the country. He is known on the famous Beaverkill, Willoweemoc and Croton Watershed systems as Big Daddy Rob because he is the first guide to give away the secret fly he is catching big trout on.

Rob is a dedicated instructor. It is in his nature to assist and teach someone what to use, how to use it and the best time to maximize their results, regardless of experience or age. He describes himself as "a pair of pants away from a caveman. I've been fishing for most of my life and spent most of my time fishing with my father, who is an inspiring outdoorsman , on the Farmington and on Lake Ontario.

In my late teens a close friend took me out and put a fly rod in my hand and it was all downhill from there. I've been tying flies for close to 10 years and have co-operated a guide service CTfishguides for around 6 years on the Farmington river. Although most of my time is spent on the Farmington chasing Browns, my favorite aspect of fishing is the adventure and putting a backpack on and disappearing miles into the woods to catch brook trout is something that will never get old to me.

Swinging for steelhead, throwing big flies for pike, chasing false albacore, and rowing my drift boat take up the rest of the time! I've been involved with the Boy Scouts for most of my life and made Eagle Scout in my teens, in doing so conservation was instilled in me and I continue those ideals as Vice President and environmental director of the Farmington river anglers association or FRAA. Ben Bilello When he is not behind a set of drums in a concert hall, jazz club or recording studio, Ben can be found either on the water or behind a vice.

While he's an avid fisherman and fly tier, Ben's true true fly tying and fishing passion is the Atlantic Salmon. And broodstock Atlantic salmon in Connecticut. A collection of Ben's classic and artistic salmon flies are featured in Micheal Radencich's book "Classic Salmon Fly Patters:Over Patterns from the Golden Age of Tying", the largest illustrated compendium of Atlantic salmon flies published to date.

He has a strong interest in historical NH fly tyers and their lost patterns and has published, researched, instructed as well as demonstrated many of these lost NH fly patterns. - Your Source for Quality Flies and Fly Fishing Gear

Scott instructs individuals of all ages in the art of fly tying and is known for including the history of these tyers and their flies in his instruction. Dick Brown Dick is an innovative fly designer, tier, and authority on bonefish and permit patterns. Learn more at: www. While my family and I currently reside in Massachusetts, I grew up trout fishing with my father at a young age in both New Jersey and Rhode Island.

During my many fishing adventures in various locations I have learned from experience just how productive and enjoyable soft-hackle wet flies are when trout fishing. Fish my soft-hackled wet flies with confidence and hold on as the strike is often vicious. Bruce Concors I have spent the last 55 years as a businessman, musician, fly guide,fly casting instructor and flytyer.

I started fly fishing at age 8 and tying shortly there after. For the last 15 years I have been a fly pattern designer for Pacific Fly Group in Monrovia California and design, test and market my patterns nationally. I specialize in a mix of traditional and modern materials and techniques for snotty trout and steelhead, although I am a trained traditional Catskill Fly tyer. Fished Through out the U. I am on the Delaware system over days a year testing patterns either rowing or walk wading.

I was one of the early drift boaters on the delaware and still fish my original wood boat. When not fishing with my buddies or my wife Stacey or bird hunting with my dog "tippet",I write and on a limited scale perform music. Joe Cordiero Fly Tying is not just a hobby for this man it is a passion. Joe Cordeiro has been tying flies for over 25 years.

The past 10 years focusing on teaching, presenting at shows and marketing salt water flies. Joe has been fishing his entire life growing up near Cape Cod.

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Fly-fishing has been his main focus for many years His salt-water fly patterns have been tested in waters for their imitation to the bait they mimic. Many of his patterns are lifelike imitations. The materials used are natural and add to the authenticity of the product.

Joe Calcavecchia Joe Calcavecchia is a production tier, a saltwater master fly tier, and the creator of many splendid fly patterns such as the Striper Dragon and the Bonita Bear. He has been tying commercially for the past twenty-five years for fly shops in the New England region.

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He is also a fly designer for Spirit River. He is a master teacher in fly tying and instructs students with a jovial manner that is always infectious to everyone in attendance. Joe has taken part in many fishing Expos where he has been presented as a premier fly tier. Armand J. Courchaine Armand J. Courchaine born in Fall River, MA. Life long fly tyer, fly fisherman, photographer and instructor currently residing in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Founder of Crossroads Anglers. At nine years old, while looking through the window of E. Cornell Sporting Goods Store.

Armand was approached by the owner and asked if he had a job such as selling newspapers. The answer was no. Cornell than ask if he would like the opportunity to make money. A member of New England Outdoor Writers from to He is past president of United Fly Tyers, the oldest fly tying organization in America. He has tied for sixty years. Pat Cohen My name is Pat Cohen. I live in upstate New York where there is an abundance of warm water streams, lakes, and farm ponds to fish; although most anything with gills is fair game. I was always a terrible fisherman with spin and casting gear, but I began fly fishing in and since then I have caught more fish than I can count.

I have been tying flies since January of Fly fishing and tying have become an essential part of my life. I specialize in deer hair bass bugs, but I tie everything from streamers to nymphs. The artistic freedom that fly tying offers is what drew me to it. All of my flies are meant to be fished with the exception of the display offerings. Every piece of each bug - be it the hair, feathers, or weed guards - has a purpose. The final product is a fish catching fly and a miniature sculpture all in one. To my way of thinking, there is nothing like watching a five pound bucketmouth or an 18 inch smallie erupting from the water to crush one of my bugs as it's drawn across the surface.

A couple years later he started tying flies, a lifelong quest that started over 30 years ago. His interest in streamers really took off after watching Mike Martinek tie at Orvis Boston back in Richard spends most of his angling days at the local bass ponds or fishing the salt with his son. Now, as it happened, my father was an early saltwater fly master We're talking Well, long story short the long version is a great romanticized story I started fly fishing in the salt at the Narragansett and South County beaches, and along Long Island, where others surf casted.

I was flying before I was Surf casting Lots of water on the beaches and tides since those days Some of you may know me as a retail counterman, instructor, fly tyer, and corny joke teller I'm all those things and a commercial fly tyer, guide, instructor, and granfather Paul DiNolo Is a prolific fly tyer, fisherman and writer.

He has been published several times in "On the Water" and on the blog "Fishing with Flies". Mark Dysinger I suppose that I'm one of the fortunate few who can honestly say that I've been fishing for as long as I can remember.

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Growing up in the state of Maine afforded me multiple opportunities to pursue many species of fish in fresh and salt water. I'm told that my first fish was a catfish caught from a small pond in New Hampshire, and that it scared the daylights out of me. Fortunately, the experience didn't scar me enough to keep me from developing a great love for the sport.


My fascination grew by leaps and bounds a few years later when I received a flyrod for my birthday. I'll never cease to be amazed at the variety that the New England states have to offer in the way of angling opportunities.

One could spend a few lifetimes sampling them. Although most of my years have been spent in Maine, I have also been fortunate enough to live and fish in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Since early , my years have been spent in central Connecticut, where I have been able to explore and learn some wonderful waters. Bass, pike, panfish, and trout in the lakes, rivers, and ponds I owe a debt of gratitude to my father for instilling the love of this sport in me. He taught me the importance of the environment and how integral each of its components are.

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He also taught me about the respect that the outdoors deserves.