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But this is my journey. Try not to feel offended if I go my own way. Some days will be harder than others. Not all the time, mind you. If you see me going off the rails, point it out politely.

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A lot of who I am is tied up in making a living. Some unemployed face a crisis of identity. Just know that this is temporary.

8 Effective Tips For Newly Unemployed

Money may get tight and I might not always feel like hanging out. Let me follow my plan. By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies.

Advice for Family and Friends of the Unemployed. Learn to draw. Pirate some software and learn graphic design. Pick up a guitar from a pawnshop or beggar one on Craigslist. Go put your cognitive surplus to use. Go work on something of more value. Hyena makes a great point. Does he have any suggestions as to a third party we can stick the bill to?

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Where is the advice to employers offer jobs, even at minimum wage. It will be good for you.

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You will gain customers and avoid the soul-sucking ravages of lack of demand. I agree with Hyena, in principle. However, if I had to settle for eathing Ramen, I would rather go back to work. People who took their unemployed time to develop skills and moved on to things which pay better than the cap on benefits? Jumping Jehosephat, Tyler is callous… From what I hear and read, people HAVE been lowering their wage demands since the recession began, especially the highly educated. Most have not been able to find a job anyway.

For every one job opening there are still about a half a dozen applicants. PAY their employers to work?

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Blog like Tyler? Amusingly enough, after being unemployed for a long period of time, I finally found a job after almost doubling my wage expectation. To be fair, I did switch industry, who would have guessed a Computer Science minor would be worth twice an Economics major but still, I was going around for a while offering myself at x the pay at my last job in finance and finally got a job shortly after offering myself as 2x.

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  6. I finish a job, and then look for the best rate I can find for my next one. Might be higher, might be lower, but there just needs to be one.

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    Good thing I like to pick pecans. My Advice for the Unemployed Non-ironically outsourced to Tyler Cowen: Hey guys, lower your wage demands! Categories: Labor Market.

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